Finishing Oil is a mixture of carefully selected hardening vegetable oils. The product is based on linseed stand oil with tung oil and other vegetable oils added to ensure durability of the surface and better absorption. Finishing Oil is a solvent free natural product, which leaves the surface of the wood UV and dirt resistant and makes it easy to clean. 

Areas of application: 
Indoor and outdoor finishing works, garden furniture, fences, facades, wooden details, mixing of oil paints. 

Application: Apply the first layer on a clean and dry surface, allow a few hours for absorption. Diffuse un-absorbed residues of oil in the course of applying the second layer and saturate dryer spots. It is not advisable to leave un-absorbed spots on the surface as they will appear wet. The finishing oil may also be tinted or used as the base for oil paint. 

Cleaning: Low-aromatic mineral solvent or turpentine.

$35 inc GST for 1 litre

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