Cabin Assembly Tips


Overall these cabins go together really well and we have had very few issues. If you take your time and start with everything level and square then it will all fit together very easily. The kit contains everything you need for the cabin but keep in mind that care taken and extra measures for weatherproofing will greatly extend the life of the cabin.
Below are some useful tips for the cabin assembly as well as additional works that may improve the cabin in certain environments.


  1. Everything fits perfectly so don’t cut anything. If it doesn’t fit then you have probably got the wrong part.1.

  2. It is essential to seal all exterior Spruce components of the cabin before building, thermowood parts get sealed with oil/stain/sealer after the build. The Spruce parts are the light coloured wood like the doors and windows. The kit comes with a sealer and it can be applied with brush, rag or airless spray.

  3. The front and back walls are in two main parts, but with some models there is an extra board to go on the top and/or bottom of the wall. Check the kit for these parts before standing the walls up.

  4. Putting the top sections of the front and back wall on can be a bit tricky. It is really good if you can get another 2 people to help with this part. Get one wall vertical and braced back to pegs in the ground, trees or other sturdy structures and then use a co

  5. Make sure that the front and back walls are centered and check that the staves are fitting tightly where they join these walls. You should end up with an even gap when you get to the top.5.

  6. Try and fit all the roof boards in one go before screwing them down. First do a dry fit and measure and make the centre joining board and then get them all to go in together. This will give you the best fit.

  7. The Stainless rod/nuts can bind easily so either get some copper grease or similar to prevent this.

  8. Only take the top layer of plastic off the roofing underlay as you need to otherwise it will all get quite sticky. Ideally do the roofing without direct sunlight as it will be much easier.

  9. Silicone the door and window frames onto the walls and make sure you fix them to every wall board. Additional silicone or flashings should be used as necessary.

  10. Skim fill any knots on the front and back wall before sealing.

  11. Caulk the join between the curved and vertical walls with silicone.

  12. Caulk any gap when fitting the windows with silicone

  13. Seal the exterior of the cabin. Oil is provided but you may find it easier to get a stain/sealer from your local DIY store. This should be done as soon as possible and we recommend repeating this step several times in the first year and then as recommended by the product you use.

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