Butch and Scott were having a beer one day and were discussing ideas:

"I've got a great idea for low cost accommodation, I use a similar method when I build saunas and spa pools. It is strong, easy to assemble, has a small foot print, and look really good..."

"Ok, I'm listening..."

"What if we supply quality cabin kitsets to people who are looking for accommodation, we can make them well priced and very easy to deliver and install..."

"Sound like a great idea..."

"they look fantastic and offer something quite different to what is out there already..."

And so they did...


Curved Constructions Limited trading as Barrel Cabins 

We ship anywhere within New Zealand

Barrel Cabins & Sleepouts | info@curvedconstructions.co.nz | 0800 GO CURVED (0800 46 2878)

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